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Center for Whale Studies researchers, Deborah and Mark Ferrari, travel to Hawaii to conduct an annual study begun in 1975 -- the longest continuous humpback whale research in Maui. Their work documents the behavior of humpbacks as mothers rest and rear their young, while males battle and challenge each other for position in a complex social hierarchy.

You can help support this research:

Center for Whale Studies, PO Box 1539, Lahaina, Maui, HI 96767

Monterey Bay Marine Life Studies

The overall research mission of Marine Life Studies is to study the foraging strategies of transient and offshore killer whales as well as investigate the abundance, distribution, movement and frequency of occurrence of other whale and dolphin species in the Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary.

Hawaii Whale Research Foundation

The Hawaii Whale Research Foundation is a small nonprofit group of dedicated volunteers conducting field research on humpback whale social affiliation, behavior and communication in the belief that if the needs of these magnificent animals are more fully understood we may better offer recommendations that protect and preserve them. Five winter months of data collection and photo-documentation in Hawaii are augmented by year-round analysis, frequent scientific publications, public service seminars and educational presentations.

Their website offers extensive information about humpback whales and research methods.

Whale Watching TV

Join a live California whale watch on your computer!

Whale Net

Excellent source of all kinds of whale info and links...comprehensive!

Whale Watching in Maui

Our favorite WHALE WATCH in Maui:
"HAWAII OCEAN PROJECT: REAL ADVENTURES - GENUINE RESEARCH - ACTIVE EDUCATION - Educating visitors and our island community about Hawaii's marine life, ecosystem and endangered species while delivering a visually unique and memorable ocean excursion."

Center for Coastal Studies

Their mission statement reads:
* to conduct scientific research with emphasis on marine mammals of the western North Atlantic and on the coastal and marine habitats and resources of the Gulf of Maine;
* to promote stewardship of coastal and marine ecosystems to ensure their continued viability and biodiversity;
* to conduct educational activities and to provide educational resources that encourage the responsible use and conservation of coastal and marine ecosystems;
* to collaborate with other institutions and individuals whenever possible to advance this mission.

Marine Mammal Stranding Center in NJ

"The Marine Mammal Stranding Center is a private non-profit organization based in Brigantine, New Jersey. Since the Center's founding in 1978, it has responded to over 2000 calls for stranded whales, dolphins, seals, and sea turtles that washed ashore on New Jersey beaches. These animals range from a 5 lb. Kemps Ridley Sea Turtle to a 25 ton Humpback whale (both of which are endangered species)."

Whale Watching in New Jersey

"The Cape May Whale Watch and Research Center presents an unparalleled seafaring safari to the oceanic wonders of the Atlantic. Thrill to breathtaking sights of the world's largest mammals surfacing and breaching. Enjoy the antics of man's best friends - the dolphins, as they cavort and frolic right alongside the boat. See pelagic birds soaring overhead." Late April-mid-November.


About Whale-Watching-Web: "By watching the whales you can prolong the life of cetaceans as a species." The site has a wealth of information and numerous links.